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Is EcoPazy Trustworthy? Read On To Know More

Founded in 2000, EcoPayz is counted amongst the most established and trusted e-wallets in the world. It is not in the big leagues like that of PayPal or Skrill but it is building its customer base slowly and steadily. Here are some of its key features.

The company offers five products. They are as follows:
• ecoAccount
• ecoCard
• ecoVirtualCard
• ecoPayz Business Account
• ecoPayz Merchant Account
The most important product of theirs is ecoAccount. It is the e-wallet that is used in multiples countries. Citizens of several countries can set up their accounts on EcoPayz for free. The residents of 31 EU or EEA countries have the option of adding a virtual ecoVirtualcard to their ecoAccounts. The ecoCard is available in three currencies: USD, GBP and EUR.
The company’s lifeline is security. Therefore, they employ only the best technology to safeguard the investments of their clients. For example – they use fraud protection technology to keep their customers safe from the scammers and fraudsters. The sensitive data stored with them is of topmost priority and their team works round the clock to keep it under several locks and keys to keep it safe.
The popularity of the wallet can be seen in the form of being accepted mode of payment on several forex sites and online casinos. For some websites, having an EcoPayz account will make one eligible for a bonus.
How safe is the wallet?
The wallet has been safeguarding the investments of their customers for close to 20 years now. The most recent account submitted to Companies House showed that the e-wallet company has a net worth of 5.2 million pounds.
Will someone invest in a company that does not practice what it preaches?